1972 Fender Stratocaster


1972 Fender Stratocaster

Here we have a beautiful 1972 Fender Stratocaster. It came
to me striped down. I have had it 20 years now.

I had to have the neck (stamped J. Torres) fretted, Fender
logo added (twice), & finished by master luthier 20 years ago.

The body came polyurethane natural.

5 years ago sent off body to get this beautiful 3-color

Tuners original. Bridge & Pickups 62 USA reissue. Pick
guard and back plate after market. 

I had to repair the original case (hot glue & strapping
riveted in), but it has held up 20 years and 1000 gigs (stacked with 3 other
guitars on dolly with amps etc).  The
case looks great.