Fender Shenandoah 12 string Guitar, Production Year 1969,


Fender Shenandoah 12 string Guitar, Production Year 1969,

 The Fender Shenandoah 12-String, Production Number 25995 is one of a handful of this historic Fender Guitar that has not been used for scrap, or to repair a broken 12 String.

The case is original, the guitar has been Professionally restored, and inspected by a Luthier with over 30 years experience, who also teaches at a local University, and maintains their stringed instruments.

I will send close up photos if necessary, and answer any questions.

This Fender Acoustic was designed after the famous Fender 12 String, Solid Body Electric of the 1960. This guitar was made for only 3 years, in the United States, and has been maintained by myself, and my Luthier. I have over 35 years of guitar playing, and research.

My health is the issue.

This is a no return Guitar. Shipping and handling paid by buyer. The measurements are accurate along with the total weight, the weight will increase slightly when it is packed for shipment.

The selling of my Shenandoah, is not about money, its about my ability to play the guitar, This guitar is history, a Professional Luthier with experience might say that the $1150 asking price might be excessive, ask him or her how many are still in quality condition, based on the total amount made. I have lowered the asking price.

Any questions, history, contact me. This guitar is not a instrument to be parted out like a worn out car...this is Fender California History...

Thank you,